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March 23rd Clemson Historic Picture Of The Day

Rod Gardner In “The Catch, Part II”
(Photo Uploaded By Alan Cutts)
Today’s photos are from what has been appropriately dubbed, “The Catch, Part II”.

Aaron Hunt hit a field goal with under 5 seconds to play to lift the Tigers over South Carolina 16-14. Hunt sent Death Valley into a frenzy, and the Tigers off to the Gator Bowl with their best regular-season record since 1991.

The Tigers looked dead after Thomas Hill, a tight end who had no catches this season, fell on Derek Watson's fumble in the end zone with 59 seconds to go for a 14-13 lead.

But Woody Dantzler found his favorite receiver, Rod Gardner, for a 50-yard catch to South Carolina's 8 with 10 seconds remaining. It was an act of desperation for Dantzler and Clemson, but the catch would put Clemson into field goal range to set up the drama with Hunt.

The reception would go down in history as “The Catch, Part II”. If you are a South Carolina fan, you probably refer to the play as “The Push Off”.

Either way, it was one of…
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March 22nd Clemson Historic Picture Of The Day

The Birth Of Orange Pants In 1980

(Photo Uploaded By Alan Cutts)
Today’s photos are from the 1980 season and the finale against the Gamecocks inside of Death Valley.

Clemson entered the South Carolina game with a 5-5 record after being blasted the week before at Maryland 34-7. The Tigers had lost four of their last five games and there were rumors that if Clemson did not beat Jim Carlen’s 8-2 Gamecocks, head coach Danny Ford was sure to be fired.

With his team down on itself after the loss to Maryland, Ford knew he needed to do something to inspire his football team. Taking a key from his former coach, Alabama’s Bear Bryant, Ford reached deep into his bag of motivational tricks and pulled out a pair of orange pants.

When Ford played at Alabama, Bryant would allow his team to where crimson pants with the crimson jerseys against rival Auburn when he felt his team deserved to play in them or if they needed an emotional lift.

“We warmed up in the white pants, but we all knew we were going…

March 21st Clemson Historic Picture Of The Day

Fuller And Sims Lead Tigers Over Gamecocks In ‘78

(Photo Uploaded By Alan Cutts)
Today’s photos are from the 1978 Clemson/South Carolina game. In the picture above, Steve Fuller is “wrestled” to the ground by a Gamecock defender early in the game.
The 1978 regular season finale against the Gamecocks was played in front of a record crowd of 68,000 fans. Clemson had been constructing the South upper deck stands, luxury suites, and press box during the season, and it had sold 15,000 tickets to the game prior to its completion. The structure was finished just two days prior to the game, much to the relief of Athletic Director Bill McLellan.
The environment was electric, especially when Clemson jumped out to a 21-0 lead in the first quarter behind a running attack that would finish the game with 397 yards. Three different Tigers (Steve Fuller, Marvin Sims, and Lester Brown) all went over 100 yards rushing, the first time Clemson had three 100-yard rushers in a game since 1950.
The Tigers c…

March 20th Clemson Historic Picture Of The Day

Stuckey Pounces On Fumble In 1976 Win

(Photo Uploaded By Alan Cutts)
Today’s photos are from the 1976 game in Clemson between the Gamecocks and the Tigers.
Above, Jim Stuckey is recovering a fumble in the game. This is one of the most recognizable photos of the era, and it appeared in Clemson football programs for many years afterwards.
The next photo shows Death Valley prior to the Tigers coming down the hill in the game. The view is from the top of the press box before the South Upper Deck was built. You can also notice the Block C on the 50 yard line.

Red Parker was trying to save his job this day against the Gameocks. At this point in the season, a season that could only be described as "grueling," the Tigers were 2-6-2. The good news is that the Tigers won that day 28-9 over the Gamecocks.
Some felt that Parker may have saved his job, but on December 1, 1976, Parker got the news that he was being terminated. Below is a flyer that appeared during this time showing the di…

March 19th Clemson Historic Picture Of The Day

Charlie Whitehurst Seals Win In 2005

(Photo Uploaded By Alan Cutts)
Today’s photo is of former Clemson quarterback Charlie Whitehurst picking up a first down at the end of the 2005 game in Columbia. This first down would prove to be the clinching moment in the win.

The two teams showed an unusual gesture of sportsmanship by meeting at midfield before the game to shake hands, putting the melee of 2004 behind them.

Clemson won this game 13-9, giving Charlie Whitehurst and undefeated record against USC in his 4 years at Clemson. The only Carolina quarterback to do so against the Tigers was Tommy Suggs, who led the Gamecocks to three victories in a row from 1968-1970.

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March 18th Clemson Historic Picture Of The Day

Frank Howard Kisses Big Thursday Goodbye In ‘59

(Photo Uploaded By Alan Cutts)
Today’s photo is a classic of Frank Howard at Williams Brice Stadium in 1959 kissing the Big Thursday game goodbye.

During the Big Thursday games (all of which were played in Columbia), Clemson held a modest 33-21-3 record against the Gamecocks over 61 years.

Coach Howard, coming off several losing games against the Gamecocks, told his team he wanted the ’59 game to be a special win for Clemson. The Tigers, behind Howard’s fiery pregame speech, used revenge as a motivator and defeated the Gamecocks on the last Big Thursday game.

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March 17th Clemson Historic Picture Of The Day

Orange Shoes Vs. NC State In 1967 

(Photos Uploaded By Alan Cutts)
Today’s photo is from a big day in Clemson football history. Most Clemson fans know about the history and lore of the orange pants, which started in 1980. But the first mystical change in football attire came 13 years earlier when Clemson put on orange shoes vs. NC State. Here’s the story, as best as I can remember it. 

In the 1960’s, every team wore black shoes when playing football. NC State's Bill Morrow found out that a member of the Kansas City Chiefs was wearing white shoes so he figured he would too. Morrow had a huge year in 1966 wearing the white shoes, including an intercepted pass for a touchdown that marked the first TD in the new Carter Finley Stadium. 

So, in 1967, one NC State player wanted to follow Morrow’s lead and make a fashion statement by wearing white shoes. Linebacker Chuck Amato (yes, that Chuck Amato) wore white shoes during the 1967 season and began spreading the look to the rest of the Wolfp…