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Ranking The Road Trips Of 2011

Ranking The Road Trips Of 2011
By Scott Rhymer

I have been fortunate to attend 102 straight games to see our Tigers play. Before that streak, I always took one or two road trips per year to watch Clemson play. Those travels have taken me to every ACC stadium, three SEC stadiums (South Carolina, Auburn, Georgia), multiple bowl cities, and College Station, TX.

Going to a game in Death Valley is always special. But as I have grown a bit older, I now enjoy traveling on the road to see Clemson play almost as much as I enjoy watching a game in Clemson.
Many times, the road trips are enjoyable because of the things you see and do away from the actual game day. In some places, the actual game day experience is the best part of the trip.

For those of you that are considering traveling to see Clemson play this year, I have ranked the road trips using the criteria below. I base these rankings on my experience in being at each of these games in the past (multiple times for all trips). I also base thes…

Archive: Scott Rhymer Reflects On Texas A&M Trip To Watch Clemson Play

My Visit To College Station, Texas To See Clemson Play

Originally Published On
July 2004
by Scott Rhymer, Correspondent

I flew into Houston’s Hobby Airport on the Friday afternoon before the Clemson/Texas A&M game anxious to see if the College Station football experience is all it is cracked up to be.
I, along with many other Clemson fans, had heard the reputation of the Aggie fans and how well they treated their guests. But being from the south, where college football is treated with as much passion as a religion, I was more than a bit skeptical that fans could be passionate and respectful all in one. So as I gathered my luggage and headed for my rental car, I was out to find the bad and the ugly among the fans of Texas A&M and not because I am evil or on some twisted death-wish march. I searched for the bad because I truly believed that there was no such fantasy land in college football that these fans claimed existed.

Friday-4:25 p.m.
For the first time in my life, I …

Archive: Strike Up The Orange Bowl March

Archive: Strike Up The Orange Bowl March
By Scott Rhymer, Correspondent
Originally Posted At Tigernet On August 26, 2006

It’s finally time.

Game week provides a true Tuesday press conference. Coach Tommy Bowden sits down in front of a splendid picture of Death Valley with cameras and microphones peering at him. He answers questions, many of them dripping with clich├ęs that in some cases have been asked of him 1000 times prior. He does it with a smile, a bit of wit, not much candor, and a keen sense of not saying anything near controversial so as not to rouse the opponent.

It’s finally time.

For the first time in a long while, the weekend weather means something. Weathermen, our good friend Dale Gilbert included, have the best job in the world. They stand in front of a green screen with a radar superimposed upon it and literally take educated guesses as to what the weather is going to be like. And they get paid to guess. There is a 50% chance of rain this weekend they say. There is also a 50%…