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5 Things To Ignore This Summer

5 Things To Ignore This Summer
By Scott Rhymer

It is that time of year when sports writers, web site operators, and even coaches will start to look forward to the upcoming football season. It is also the time of year when we, as fans, begin to believe all that is being written about our football team to be true and factual.

Let me start by saying that I expect Clemson to win the Atlantic Division and to play for the ACC Championship in 2011. Now, before you get excited, that is not breaking news. I expect Clemson to play for an ACC title every year. I don’t think a program like Clemson should have any less expectation than that.

So do not mistake what I say in the rest of this blog as negativity, pessimism, or defeatism. Quite the contrary. Every team has weaknesses and Clemson is no exception. The purpose of this blog is to make sure you don’t fall victim to what is going to happen over the 70 or so days leading up to season opener when the media geeks cozy up to coaches who are excited …