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5 Keys To An ACC Championship In 2011

5 Keys To An ACC Championship In 2011
By Scott Rhymer

Before you read any further, you may want to take note of the previous blogs listed below so you can get a perspective on where I am at in terms of expectations for this football program.

I have been a Clemson fan, attending games at home and on the road, since 1977. I have enjoyed the best of the best times during that time. I have also seen, first hand, the rut that we are in right now.

In my mind, the time has come to stop judging the success of the Clemson football program on getting to mid-tier bowl games. It is also time to stop judging this football program by improvement from the year before or whether a consensus is built that we are “moving in the right direction”.

In my most humble opinion, it is time to start judging this program on whether or not our Clemson Tigers can win an ACC Championship. Nothing less than that is acceptable when it has been 20+ years since a championship in the program that drives every other athletic…

Bowden's Landscape Change Was Underestimate

Bowden’s “Landscape Change” Was An Underestimate
By Scott Rhymer

Tommy Bowden rationalized the patience needed with his football program during most of the early 2000’s by saying the “landscape of college football had changed.”

In many ways, he was right. Football was changing drastically in those times because schools were pumping big time money into facilities in an arms race that continues today.

However, I’m not sure Bowden could ever envision how much that landscape has changed in the last two years. And I think the wake up call is being heard throughout Clemson Nation. But is it being heard inside the walls of the Athletic Department and with our coaches?

When Bowden bemoaned the landscape change, he was talking about competitive scholarship limits that allowed teams that traditionally were not power house programs to compete at a high level. And, of course, he was talking about facilities and the need to build things that had glitz and glam and could attract the 18 years olds to sig…