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Wednesday Broadcast Updates

Wednesday Broadcasting Notes

Let me begin by saying Coach Swinney and the players seemed relaxed Tuesday. I sense from most of them that they are ready to prove the pundits wrong. Is this team under-valued in the National Media? That has yet to be proven but it seems to be the mantra inside the program heading into the season.

The goal for this team is, and should be, to win the ACC. It really is as simple as that….yet that is a difficult thing to accomplish. This will be a young team, but that cannot be a crutch that is used this year.

Confirmed today that Chad Morris, Rennie Moore and Landon Walker will all have exclusive interviews on the Tiger Pregame Show Saturday. Kevin Steele had a personal situation that prevented him from doing his interview, so he will miss week 1 but will be a part of the show in the future. We expect Tajh Boyd and Duane Allen as well, and I will confirm the final lineup in the next day or so.

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Tuesday (8/30) Broadcasting Notes

Notes to add from the info below regarding broadcast information for Saturday.

As in the past, we will have a three hour show.

Hour #1 will include Top 25 Report, ACC/SEC Round Up (including Scott and Will's locks of the week), Weather Report, Injury Report, and IPTAY Report.

Hour #2 will include Special Teams Analysis, Defensive Analysis, and Offensive Analysis.

Hour #3 will include the new Bottom Line Segment with Will Vandervort and Roy Philpott, Scott/Will/Roy's Game Day Predictions, and Final Thoughts.

Throughout the show, we will have 3 or4 exclusive one on one player interviews.

Chad Morris will have an exclusive one on one interview in the 2nd hour. Kevin Steele will also have an exclusive one on one interview in the 2nd hour. Dabo Swinney's interview clips will also be used in several spots throughout the show (remember Dabo's new interview policy is in effect and he will not be on the show for a one on one interview this year as in the past).

It is a jam pack…

Broadcast Information For This Week (Including Saturday)

First, let me alert everyone to our multimedia pages for this week and on game day:

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I will do my weekly spot with Mickey Plyler on WCCP at 6:20 a.m. on Friday.

103rd Consecutive Broadcast of the Tiger Pregame Show is on WCCP 104.9 FM as you move into the Upstate during your travels Saturday.

If you have a Droid phone or IPad, you can download WCCP 104.9 FM Streaming for free with the App called “Tune In Radio”. I have it on my IPad and Droid phone and it works great.

Broadcast time is 9:30 a.m. and goes until 12:30 p.m. I will be joined by Will Vandervort again this year in addition to Roy Philpott who will join the booth in the 3rd hour. We will break down the day and give in depth football analysis of the game. Our show is for the serious Clemson football fan. Feel free to come by and see us on the Lawn at Littlejohn during the broadca…

I Am Ready

I Am Ready
By Scott Rhymer

We are now less than one week until the start of the 2011 football season. This is a season that has come none too soon. A season that is needed to wash away the bad taste of a 6-7 football season that had more frustrating moments than satisfying moments. A season that was a step back. And a season that caused way too much internal strife in the Clemson Family.

I’m ready to wash away that bad taste. Bad football seasons at Clemson are rare. I’ve sat through only eight losing season in my lifetime. I’ve sat through back to back losses to South Carolina only twice in my lifetime. I think it is fair to say that I (along with many of you) simply are not equipped to handle losing football seasons very well because it is so rare. I am ready.

I’m ready to see Clemson flags flying from cars, trucks, and vans on my way to work on Friday. It is always exciting to watch people who are ready to go see the Tigers play even before a game day approaches. I am ready.

I’m re…

Really Random Rants-Week Ending August 21st

5 Really Random Rants Week Ending August 21st

We are just two weeks away from the first game of the season, and the excitement is starting to build. It was another interesting week in the world of Clemson athletics, and here are my five rants for the week.

Really Random Rant #1
One of the many things wrong with last year’s offense is that we failed to adjust to defenses once the game was under way. In fact, last year’s offense often scored on the first few drives of the game and then struggled to score as the 2nd half unfolded.

Our offense scored 184 points in the first half last year, and only 124 in the second half. The scoring numbers support the theory that defenses quickly adjusted to our game plan and we had no answer once our game plan bogged down.

One of the things that I am really interested in seeing this year is whether or not our offense can flip that and become the aggressors on that side of the ball. It is a much more enjoyable experience to have the defenses on their hee…

5 Really Random Rants-August 14th

5 Really Random Rants For Week Ending August 14th
By Scott Rhymer

The blog today will kick off what I hope to be a weekly article that will attempt to keep things in perspective as the season goes on. When I say “perspective”…I guess I should clarify that I mean that this is my perspective and you are certainly welcome to disagree or agree.

Really Random Rant #1
Holy cow at the expansion buzz! By the time I finish typing this paragraph, more rumors will filter through cyberspace. Before I have a chance to post this blog, the information and opinions I have now may be proven right (or wrong). To say this is a quickly shifting landscape sells the moment short.

Where everybody ends up (or not) I will leave to the other thousands of bloggers and media speculators out there. If there is a single truth in anything that I have seen in my 30 years following the ACC and certainly in my time following John Swofford as Commish of the league, it will be that this whole expansion situation will b…

Tiger Pregame Show Gears Up For 9th Season

Tiger Pregame Show Gears Up For 9th Season

The Tiger Pregame Show on WCCP 104.9 FM is locked and loaded for its 9th consecutive season on the radio, starting with the 102nd consecutive show live on location when Clemson opens the season on September 3rd versus Troy.

The show comes full circle in year nine with a touch of the new and a hint at the old.

Scott Rhymer, host for all nine years dating back to the 2003 football season, returns as the host for what will be his 102nd consecutive broadcast live on location where the Tigers play. “The common thread of this pregame show has always been to broadcast where the action is” Rhymer stated recently. “Our job is not only to inform fans and get them ready for the game, but to also paint the picture of a game day at Clemson or Raleigh or Atlanta. Wherever the Tigers are, that is where we will be.”

Rhymer will once again be joined by Will Vandervort, Editor of IPTAY Media, which produces IPTAY’s official publications Orange: The Experience t…

Media Restrictions Place Focus On Winning

Media Restrictions Place Focus On Winning

It did not take long for the Twitterworld to light up with local media folks stammering online about the new changes to the Clemson football program from Dabo Swinney.

In case you don’t know, Coach Swinney spent the offseason implementing a policy that clamps down access to players and coaches during the season. Originally, Swinney said first year freshman would not be allowed to take part in media questioning until the first week of the season. Swinney tweaked that at the last moment on Friday, releasing the following statement via Tim Bourret:

“first year freshman be withheld from interviews until after the first game, not the week of the first game. They will be available if they play in the first game. Only freshmen who play in a game will be allowed to do interviews this year. Red-shirted freshmen won’t do interviews until after the season.”

In other words, first year freshman are going to have to accomplish something on the field before they…