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Broadcast Notes For Blacksburg, Virginia

Broadcast Notes For Blacksburg, Virginia
Scott Rhymer

First, as a reminder, I will be on with Mickey Plyler Friday morning at 6:20 a.m. on WCCP 104.9 FM to break down the Clemson and Virginia Tech game. This segment is done weekly, so please tune in if you are up and about getting ready for your work day.

We are excited to take the Tiger Pregame Show on the road this Saturday as our 107th consecutive broadcast live on location will air inside of Lane Stadium from 12:00-3:00. We have interviews with Dabo Swinney, Chad Morris, Kevin Steele, Sammy Watkins, Duane Allen, Tajh Boyd, Dalton Freeman, and Corico Hawkins. We will break down this massive Atlantic Coast Conference game in detail on the show so that you are ready for the game with as much knowledge as possible.

Because the weather could be a factor Saturday, make sure you tune in to the show as we will update Clemson fans on the temperature and wind.

For those that are going to Blacksburg, we are unveiling a new feature to our show t…

Can We Win? Smart Phones For Dummies And A Good Read

Can We Win? Smart Phones For Dummies and A Good Read
Scott Rhymer

First, as a reminder, I will join Mickey Plyler on WCCP 104.9 FM Friday morning at 6:20 a.m. on WCCP 104.9 FM and to break down the Clemson and Virginia Tech game.

I also wanted to thank each of you that have visited the Tiger Pregame Show Blog. This is something that I cranked up just a few months ago, and we just surpassed 25,000 hits to the site! Special thanks to Matt Cobb, Allstate Agent, for sponsoring the blog. If you have not done so, please click on his link here on the blog to get a no obligation quote. I use Matt Cobb and I feel great knowing my family is in his hands.

A Good Read
On this blog, I like to link good reads when I see them on the Internet. I enjoyed the perspective of Darryl Slater from the Richmond Times-Dispatch and his question and answer article with Greg Wallace from the Read below:…

Thoughts On Press Conference And Other Tidbits

Thoughts On Press Conference And Other Tidbits
Scott Rhymer

If you are traveling with the Tigers this weekend to Blacksburg and you have not taken a look at the weather, you might need to. The forecasted high on Saturday is 54 degrees with an overnight low of 42. Winds will be from the north during the day and evening, ranging from 7 to 13 miles per hour. For the middle of February, that may not cause a stir when you see the temperatures and winds. But for southerners who are basking in 80 degree weather this week, 42 is going to feel like the Arctic on Saturday. Dress appropriately.

Deandre Hopkins Injury
It appears Andre Ellington and DJ Howard are getting better (health-wise) as we prepare for Virginia Tech. There still seems to be concern surrounding Deandre Hopkins and his hamstring, however. Hopkins has been exceptional over the first 4 games of the season and not having him 100% would be a tough blow in a game like this. Martavis Bryant has been very dependable, but he is a …

Initial Thoughts About Trip To Blacksburg

Initial Thoughts About Trip To Blacksburg
Scott Rhymer

It is Tuesday morning as I type this, and I must admit that Tuesday is always a good barometer to get a feel for what our team and coaches are thinking on a game week. We’ll have the Press Conference and player interviews today, which helps me set the mood of the team. I also always enjoy reading Roy Philpott’s What We Are Hearing Segment on to help me form my initial feeling about the upcoming game. So my gut feelings this morning can and sometimes do change after the Tuesday media blitz.

Running Game
As of Tuesday morning, the single thing that sticks out to me as a key to this game is the Virginia Tech running game. Clemson is coming off its best performance against the run, completely shutting down Florida State to the tune of 47 yards rushing (minus 18 yards in sacks for a net 29 yards rushing). But FSU has not been able to run against anybody this year, so we must temper those stats when looking forward.


Culture Change?

Culture Change?
By Scott Rhymer

It was a cold Thursday evening in Blacksburg, Virginia. October 26th, 2006 started with an air of optimism that had not sifted through the Clemson football program since 1991.

Tommy Bowden had arguably reached the pinnacle of his tenure at Clemson when the sun rose in Blacksburg on that cold October day. Sure, one could point to 2003 and the remarkable finish vs. FSU, Duke, South Carolina, and Tennessee as a greater moment under Bowden. But while that finish certainly lives in infamy for Clemson Nation, the reality of that finish is that Clemson was playing only for pride and not for a Championship in 2003.

But on this October day in 2006, Bowden’s Tigers found themselves sitting squarely on the precipice of something special. Clemson was off to a 7-1 start, with the only blemish being a double overtime thrilling loss in Chestnut Hill to Boston College. The Tigers had rebounded from that loss to string together 6 straight wins that propelled Clemson to #10…

Sunday After FSU News, Notes, and Videos

Tiger Pregame Show: Sunday After FSU News, Notes, and Videos
Scott Rhymer

Another perfect day in Death Valley and another great win for the Clemson Tigers on Saturday over FSU. Clemson may be poised to crack the top 15 and will take the show on the road to Blacksburg next week. Additional analysis of the game will come later today via the Tiger Pregame Show stay tuned for that.

Here are a couple of video links from the game. Here is Rennie Moore's sack to seal the win for Clemson:

Here is the same play from ground level near the hill:

We continue to do a pretty good job picking the locks of the week and the Clemson score. Below is an update of our standings after Week 4

Will's SEC Lock Of The Week was Arkansas covering the 11 point spread vs. Alabama. Obviously, that did not happen and Vandervort suffers his first loss of the season. Will moves to 3-1 on the year in his lock of the week.


Final Thoughts With FSU Looming

Final Thoughts With FSU Looming
Scott Rhymer

The Seminoles stroll into town today a banged up and bruised group of players. FSU may be the most talented team on the schedule this year (we’ll have to see VT and South Carolina in person before we know for sure) and they are coming off a tough loss to Oklahoma at home last week.

I think there are some eerie connections to the mindset that FSU walks into Death Valley this year as to what Clemson experienced after losing to Auburn last year. If you will remember, we walked out of Jordon-Hare Stadium a year ago “chest thumping” our close loss. It was a brutally physical football game that we all felt like we should have won. We went toe to toe with an SEC team in their stadium, and by all accounts won the praise of Auburn and their coaches as well as the national media.

Florida State has similar feelings this week. They have been praised for their effort in losing to Oklahoma last week. The beat you hear in the distance is not the FSU band,…

Broadcast Notes And Florida State Thoughts

Broadcast Notes And Florida State Thoughts
Scott Rhymer

First, a couple of good links for a quick read and also a great video.

Randy Smith of the Chattanoogan took a visit to Clemson last weekend to see the Tigers play Auburn. Randy is a Tennessee fan and generally covers Vol football. Here is his take on the experience he had while visiting Clemson:

Coach Dabo Swinney sent a video message to Clemson fans on Wednesday afternoon about the atmosphere last week in Death Valley as well as the impact fans can have this week against Florida State. The video also includes a highlight reel of the first three games of the year with Pete Yanity’s audio dubbed over:

Most of the focus from Tallahassee this week has been on the quarterback situation. EJ Manuel has yet to practice this week and those inside the FSU program said they don’t expect him to practice Thursday. Most think Manuel could p…

Stringing Together Two Wins In A Row

Stringing Together Two Wins In A Row
By Scott Rhymer

Quick pop quiz: When was the last time Clemson won 6 games in a row? Most of you would guess the 2006 season that culminated in the great “Game Day” win over Georgia Tech with James Davis and CJ Spiller wowing the world.

If you answered 2006, though, you would have been wrong.

Clemson won 6 games in a row during the 2009 season on the way to the Atlantic Division Championship. Clemson plowed through Wake Forest, Miami, Coastal Carolina, Florida State, NC State, and Virginia before falling in Columbia to the Gamecocks.

So what I’m about to say, in some ways, can be refuted by Dabo Swinney’s 2009 season and that 6 game winning streak. However, I think it important to note that the stigma, both inside and outside this program, is that Clemson cannot handle success very well.

Many people in Clemson Nation and around the country are watching Clemson very close this week. The way in which Clemson dismantled Auburn raised a few eyebrows around …

Really Random Rants In Aftermath Of Auburn

Really Random Rants In Aftermath Of Auburn
Scott Rhymer

What a difference a week makes, huh? Clemson came out of its shell of mediocrity on Saturday, looking like a football team that could make some noise in 2011.

The true test of a good football team, however, is always how it handles success. We will find out Saturday if this team is different from some of the recent Clemson teams.

Really Random Rants
1. Auburn was the most important game of the 1st QTR of the season. Florida State is the most important game of the SEASON. I've said it on this blog multiple times, but I felt the need to say it again today. Nothing is more critical to Clemson taking charge of the Atlantic Division than beating FSU. We are at home. We need to "hold serve". It's a simple as that.

2. By most accounts, those Auburn fans that traveled to Clemson had a super trip that will leave memories for a long time. The final outcome of the game is further proof that you can be a great host and whip …

True Difference Not Yet Determined

True Difference Not Yet Determined
By Scott Rhymer

If you are reading this you are most certainly still basking in the afterglow of ending the nation’s longest winning streak with an exceptionally played football game by Clemson on Saturday.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with Clemson Nation soaking up some of the local and national praise that is rightfully being dumped on us at every turn. You don’t beat the defending National Champion with the nation’s longest winning streak and not deserve that type of praise. Our players and coaches worked hard, had a great game plan, and executed unlike many games I have witnessed in the past few years. Our fans (minus a few hundred Clemson students still asleep in their dorms at kickoff) arrived in Death Valley early and were ready, despite the slow start by the team, to maintain an electric environment that certainly played to our favor.

Today it is a good day to be a Clemson Tiger. And that feeling has not been around enough in recent year…

Tiger Pregame Show: Sunday News And Notes

Tiger Pregame Show Sunday News And Notes
Scott Rhymer

First, what a great win for Clemson yesterday. Death Valley was an electric place to be and our football team and coaches responded by putting together the best game of the season in all facets of the game. Additional analysis of the game will come later today.

It will also be interesting to see if Clemson cracks the Top 25 this week after the win over a ranked Auburn team. I believe Clemson deserves the ranking based on the performance yesterday, and since the game was televised nationally I suspect Clemson will pick up some national votes and squeak into the poles.

We will know a little later today what the game time is for Florida State, and of course that will impact our broadcast time next week. I’m hoping for a 3:30 kickoff…which is almost a perfect start time for a game in Clemson if you ask me.

We had a little more success this week in our game picks, to say the least. Here are the updated numbers.

Will's ACC Lock Of The Week…

Friday News, Notes, and Thoughts

Friday News And Notes, and Thoughts

As a reminder, I will join Mickey Plyler on WCCP 104.9 FM Friday morning to break down the Clemson/Auburn game. Tune in on WCCP 104.9 FM.

I believe the mood of this week has gradually shifted from the frustration of the first two weeks to now taking out that frustration on Auburn. And I am speaking of fans and players.

The Clemson players seem to have a major chip on their shoulder, partly because of last year’s loss, partly because Auburn is the defending National Champion, and partly because we have played very average the first two weeks. Added all up, and I think our team will not only be ready to play Saturday, but will play the best game we have seen from Clemson in quite some time.

The fans seem extra charged up for the same reasons above. But also I sense that, regardless of the drama of the past two weeks, Clemson fans deep down are quietly optimistic that this team is special. I believe Death Valley will be a special place on of…

Thursday Clemson/Auburn News and Notes

Thursday’s News And Notes For Clemson/Auburn Weekend
Scott Rhymer

As a reminder, I will be on with Mickey Plyler Friday morning at 6:20 a.m. to break down the Clemson /Auburn game. You can listen on WCCP 104.9 FM and online. The Tune In App is free and also available to listen to this segment via Droid phones or IPad.

Saturday’s game is a noon game with over 10,000 Auburn fans coming into town. Therefore, the most critical advice anyone can give to you at this point is for you to arrive early. All gates to Memorial Stadium will be opened two hours (10:00 a.m.) before the game. This should help eliminate any lines at the gates and provide opportunities to utilize the permanent restrooms inside Memorial Stadium.

The Athletic Department is also encouraging you to arrive in your assigned lot before 9:30 a.m. to avoid delays. I would take it a half step further and encourage you to be in your parking space by 8:30 a.m. so you have a worry free morning to tailgate. Don’t forget t…

Wednesday Broadcast Updates

All games are important to win, so don't mistake what I say below as me trying to hedge a bet. But I said in the preseason that the Auburn game would be the most important game of the first QTR of the year and Florida State game would be the most important game of the SEASON.

I still believe that today, although the lackluster play in the first two weeks certainly has raised the level of importance in this game simply from a confidence standpoint. Remember, the loss to Auburn last year set a tone for the season that was not good.

All of the intangibles, I believe, fall to Clemson's side.

Location: At Clemson (remember, Auburn is a young football team)
Preseason Attention: Clemson focused on this game all offseason.
Revenge: Clemson's loss last year still weighs on the mind of our players.
Schedule: Auburn is coming off a big SEC win and they have South Carolina around the corner.

I'm still not ready for a prediction and I probably won't be until hour #3 of the show Saturd…

Frustration Not All About Tribble Reese

FrustrationNot All About Tribble Reese
by Scott Rhymer

The fallout from the Tribble Reese Reality Show dominated the social networking world on Monday. I’m not going to get into a moral judgment of the show or the participants. I spoke with Tribble on Saturday and he seemed genuine about wanting to cast Clemson in a good light.

With that being said, I was asked by a Clemson official Saturday and by the CMT Producers to allow Tribble and some of the young ladies to come on the Tiger Pregame Show. I politely refused.

Not because of CMT, these ladies, or Tribble Reese.

I said “no thanks” simply because it had nothing to do with Clemson football-and our job on the TPS is to break down the game and focus on football…not fluff.

That being said, do not mistake what happened Monday and what will probably happen again today in terms of anger, drama, and rumors as anything other than frustration by Clemson fans derived from the play on the field by the Tigers in the first two weeks.

I can’t say em…

Guide To A Clemson Weekend-Auburn

Guide To A Clemson Weekend
By Scott Rhymer
Host of The Tiger Pregame Show on WCCP 104.9 FM
6:00-900 Saturday Morning

Here in Clemson, an offseason of angst has led to a squirmy two weeks of football to open the 2011 season. After two weeks of lackluster opponents, in comes Auburn, a team with the longest winning streak in the nation and the defending National Champions.

I really enjoyed my trip to Auburn last year, despite the outcome of the game. As most Clemson fans will say, we have a genuine appreciation for what we have at Clemson on a game weekend and we are eager to share that with visitors. I believe this to be even more the case in the post-Texas A&M era where Clemson fans try their best to treat visitors with the type of brotherhood as we were treated in Texas.

So this is a quick (certainly not all-inclusive) look at what I feel are “don’t miss” things about a Clemson weekend that Auburn fans can use as they come into Clemson this weekend. The hope of this blog is that A…

Pregame Show Sunday Updates

It was a rough day in the old prediction studio!

Will's ACC Lock Of The Week was Stanford + 19.5 and he easily won that as Stanford rolled. Will moves to 2-0 on the year in his lock of the week.

Scott's SEC Lock Of The Week was Mississippi State straight up over Auburn. That fell one yard short, and Scott moves to 1-1 on the year.

The Clemson picks were a mess this week to say the least!

Will picked Clemson 56-14, which is a differential of 34 points.
Roy picked Clemson 51-17, which is a differential of 26 points.
Scott picked Clemson 55-20, which is a differential of 27 points.

So for the second week in a row, Roy Philpott picks the game the closest.

Yearly Differential Standings After Week 2:
Roy (-29 points)
Scott (-34 points)
Will (-41 points)

Will Vandervort prevailed in the Bottom Line Segment this week, moving he and Roy Philpott to an even 1-1. Thanks to those that tuned into the Tiger Pregame Show on Saturday and for those that submitted questions for our new “Bottom …

Friday Broadcast Notes

Friday Broadcast Notes
By Scott Rhymer

Reminder that I will be on with Mickey Plyler every Friday morning at 6:20 a.m. to review the previous week and to look forward to the upcoming game on Saturday. You can tune in to WCCP 104.9 FM and

Our 104th consecutive broadcast is ready to go. We crank things up at 9:30 a.m. Saturday morning with Will Vandervort and I live on the lawn at Littlejohn. Roy Philpott will join us in the final hour for our 2nd consecutive Bottom Line Segment.

Also remember starting Saturday you can submit questions for the Bottom Line Segment via Twitter or Facebook. If you choose Twitter, make sure you include the @tigerpregame in the message so it moves directly to our Twitter mentions section…which is easier to find. If we use your question, we will mention you by name on the air. The Bottom Line Segment will air starting at 11:40 on the Tiger Pregame Show.

Finally, if you have not done so, remember to sign up for our mobile communications:


Wofford-Wednesday Broadcast Notes

Wofford-Wednesday Broadcasting Notes
By Scott Rhymer

Let me begin by saying I loved the comments Tuesday from Kevin Steele and Chad Morris regarding the performance of their units and what they expect from their units. Hearing both of them will do nothing but fire you up and get you ready for game day.

As I have said all offseason, the goal is to win the ACC this year. Nothing happened for Clemson Saturday that changes that goal for me. And nothing happened in the ACC last Saturday that makes me think that goal should be changed.

Confirmed today that Dabo Swinney, Chad Morris, and Kevin Steele will have interviews on the Tiger Pregame Show this Saturday. Tajh Boyd and Duane Allen will also be on the show.

Two freshman will also make their Tiger Pregame Show debut. Sammy Watkins and Stephone Anthony will join us on the show.

Remember to sign up for our mobile communications:

Friend us on Facebook at The Tiger Pregame Show
Follow us on Twitter at TigerPregame

If you have a Droid phone o…

September 6th Broadcast News and Notes

Tuesday, September 6 Tiger Pregame Show Updates

Update on segments that involve predictions from last Saturday’s Tiger Pregame Show and a quick look at this week’s show.

Will’s SEC Lock of the Week
Will picked ECU to cover the 22 vs. South Carolina. He was correct and 1-0 on the year.

Scott’s ACC Lock of the Week
Scott picked Maryland over Miami. He was correct and 1-0 on the year.

Clemson Game Prediction
Will Vandervort: Clemson-38, Troy-21 (7 Point Differential)
Scott Rhymer Clemson-45, Troy-24 (7 Point Differential)
Roy Philpott Clemson-41, Troy-20 (3 Point Differential)

Bottom Line Segment
Scott Rhymer awarded Roy Philpott the winner of the Bottom Line Segment for Week 1 by siding with Roy 3-1 over Will Vandervort.

More info on interviews will be available later today, so check back to the blog at that time.

Broadcast time this Saturday vs. Wofford is 9:30 a.m. and we will go until 12:30 p.m. If you have not done so, download the free Tune In App for your Droid or Ipad phone so you…

Really Random Rants-Week 1 Vs. Troy

Really Random Rants-Week 1 Vs. Troy
By Scott Rhymer

Week one is in the books and the Tigers did what you have to do in a non-conference game…get the win. Most of us thought that we would feel a little shaky after the first game, but I’m not sure I was prepared to wonder whether we were going to win the game or not. Midway through the 3rd QTR, I still did not know for sure and that was something I was not prepared for.

With that being said, my thoughts are still that this team should make a serious run for an ACC Championship this year. Nothing I saw from Clemson on Saturday (or from any other ACC team on Saturday) has dampened my enthusiasm for this year. We are a work in progress…but we don’t have to be perfect right now. We need to play tougher on the offensive line and we need to tackle better on defense and things will improve quickly.

Without further ado, here are my Really Random Rants for Week 1.

Defensive Numbers
Much has been said since Saturday about the defensive yards give…

Rating The Value Of Clemson's Opponents

Clemson’s Opponents-Overrated or Underrated?
By Scott Rhymer

My Kickoff Eve predictions of teams Clemson will play this year and whether their value is being hyped by media and fans or if they are flying under the radar a bit. Save this for December if you must, but I feel confident that I will be more right than wrong when the season ends.

Don’t expect a shellacking Saturday. In fact, I would not be surprised to be a little uneasy throughout the first half.

How can Wofford be overrated? Well, they are from South Carolina and for that we would like to think they will put up a fight next week. Good news is we get to work on Georgia Tech by playing Wofford as their offenses are similarly wacky.

I don’t care how many players they lost, if you are the defending National Champion you have players and coaches capable of beating Clemson in Death Valley. A win vs. Auburn would not only be a rarity in the two program’s history, but an accompli…