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Sunday Thoughts Following Loss In Atlanta

Sunday Thoughts Following Loss In Atlanta
Scott Rhymer

I have a long standing tradition of not posting much on the Internet for at least 24 hours after we lose a game. Fortunatly, I have not had to implement that policy this year until today. The Tigers fell (again) in Atlanta to an inspired Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket football team on Saturday night.

Thoughts of the BCS National Championship game can now be put to rest, but the Tigers still have control of our destiny in the drive to Charlotte. A win over Wake Forest in two weeks will wrap up the Atlantic Division crown, and the Tigers would be able to flip their focus to winning a State Championship and an ACC Championship in back to back weeks after Thanksgiving.

So instead of putting my thoughts down today I will simply update the picks from the Tiger Pregame Show and avoid talking too much about the game until after I give it some time to soak.

That being said, I thought Bart Wright said it well in the Greenville News this morning. A …

5 Questions And Broadcasting Info For Weekend

5 Questions And Broadcasting Info For Weekend
Scott Rhymer

Before we get to my 5 questions, an update on broadcasting information for today. I will join Mark Sturgis for the Weekend College Football Kickoff Show on Thursday night from 7-9 on WCCP 104.9 FM. We will be broadcasting live from Smoke On The Water in downtown Greenville, so come by and see us.

I will also be on Mickey Plyler’s Show on Friday morning at 6:20 a.m. as I usually am to break down last week’s win over UNC as well as look forward to the Georgia Tech game. You can listen on 104.9 FM or

5 Questions I Don’t Have An Answer To:
1. How many post-season watch lists are there? Every time I log onto my computer I see one of our players or coaches on some watch list. My inbox is blown up daily from Tim Bourret and his staff that is in charge of forwarding all of this info to the media. Don’t get me wrong, I like the recognition our team and players are getting, but at some point this watch list thing has got t…

Commentary-Thin Air Better Than Sucking Wind

Thin Air Better Than Sucking Wind
By Scott Rhymer

This summer, my wife and I had the awesome opportunity to travel Europe; visiting Belgium, France, Germany, and Austria. I won’t bore you with the details of the trip, only to say that every one of you should find a way to make that kind of trip in your lifetime.

During our trip, we traveled through southern Germany and crossed into Austria for a visit to the Zugspitz. The Zugspitz is the highest point in Germany and can be accessed from the German side of the Alps or the Austrian side. We elected the Austrian side, riding a gondola that propelled us 2,960 meters to the summit in less than seven minutes in what can best be described as a harrowing experience.

When we arrived at the top, we were in a different world. Even though this was mid July, four inches of fresh snow was on the ground and temperatures were in the mid 30’s. The meaning of a cold day in July was no longer a cliché. In addition to the snow, the air was so thin that as we…

Random Thoughts On Press Confererence Day

Random Thoughts On Press Conference Day
Scott Rhymer

Here are some Random Thoughts as we begin to peek forward to the Georgia Tech game in Atlanta.

Clemson always brings a bunch of fans to Atlanta when the Tigers play Georgia Tech. But with Clemson’s season having gone the way it has, I would not be surprised to see upwards of 15,000 Clemson fans inside of Bobby Dodd Stadium Saturday night. Keep in mind that Bobby Dodd’s capacity is 55,000, so if 15,000 Clemson fans get inside the stadium, Tiger fans will make up almost 30% of the crowd.

This does not directly impact Clemson, but I am interested to see if The State Columnist Ron Morris attends Steve Spurrier's Press Conference in Columbia today. Morris was shunned two weeks ago by Spurrier and then attended the Clemson Press Conference last week. Evidently, University of South Carolina President Harris Pastides has stepped in and told Spurrier he needs to tone down the rhetoric against Morris and allow him at the Press Conference. Sta…

Monday Thoughts After UNC Win

Monday Morning Thoughts After North Carolina Win
By Scott Rhymer

Clemson took North Carolina to the woodshed Saturday, rolling to a 59-38 win in Death Valley on a sun-splashed day. It was the 2nd straight week the Tigers have broken the 50 point barrier and it was also the 2nd straight week touchdowns were scored by somebody other than the offense (kickoff return at Maryland and two defensive touchdowns vs. UNC).

Here are my news and notes from the weekend and looking forward to the big game next week in Atlanta.

Clemson moved up to #5 in the BCS with the win over UNC and the losses that were suffered by Oklahoma and Wisconsin. I said on the Tiger Pregame Show Saturday that I thought two major upsets would take place Saturday with teams that were in the top 10 of the BCS. That turned out to be true. For what it is worth, I think one team from the BCS Top 10 will fall this upcoming Saturday, and I hope that one team is not Clemson!

Too much worry and angst is placed on BCS rankings in Oc…

Random Notes Looking Towards UNC Game

Random Notes Looking Towards UNC Game
Scott Rhymer

We are now 48 hours away from another big football game in Death Valley as the Tigers host North Carolina at noon. Every conference game is important in the quest for the Atlantic Division race. But because the Tigers remain undefeated and relevant in the National Championship talk, this game is of added importance. Win and you are still relevant in the National Championship talk. Lose and the focus will only be on the ACC Championship. That’s a lot riding on one game….but welcome to the land of the unbeaten.

As a reminder, I will join Mickey Plyler Friday morning at 6:20 a.m. to break down the Clemson/UNC game as well as rewind to last week’s win in College Park. Tune in to WCCP 104.9 FM to hear the segment.

North Carolina Thoughts
I don’t like North Carolina. I don’t say that about many ACC teams. I treat most ACC teams in an ambivalent way until the week Clemson plays them. Not so with North Carolina.

I’m not really sure where my distast…

Now On The "Inside", I Still Like The BCS and Bowls

Now On The “Inside”, I Still Like The BCS And Bowls
Scott Rhymer

I realize I am about to anger many of you that have spent the better part of the past 10 years lamenting the fact that college football does not have a playoff system. And before I say it, I know my efforts in typing these words are futile. You are going to believe what you believe and I am going to believe what I believe. The rest is just blabbering drivel made for talk shows, blogs, and Internet message boards.

But I do feel an obligation to write about the minority view for those that, like me, appreciate the system we have in college football to crown our champion. Folks like us that swim upstream sometimes make folks like you to blow a gasket that will be spewed throughout the social networking sphere. I have my hard hat on today, so feel free to fire back.

First things first. I like the BCS and I like the current bowl system. Now pick yourself up off the floor and let me explain.

If you have followed my talk show spots …

Monday Thoughts Upon Return From College Park

Monday Thoughts Upon Return From College Park
Scott Rhymer

I am back from College Park, Maryland a worn out man. The emotional roller coaster that was Clemson’s 56-45 victory over the Terrapins is one for the ages. There will be many fans and some coaches (Kevin Steele in particular) that will lament the defensive effort on Saturday. That is a fair criticism. But the drama that unfolded Saturday night was more than worth the price of admission to Byrd Stadium any way you cut it.

Clemson now moves to 7-0 on the season, which is comparable now only to the 1981 season and the 2000 season (the 1987 team lost their first game in week 7). As you may recall, I placed those undefeated seasons side by side in a previous blog as a comparison.

Here is the update on that blog after week 7.

Through the first seven games in 2000, Clemson defeated The Citadel, Missouri, Wake Forest, Virginia, Duke, NC State, and Maryland. On…
Thursday’s Notes And Thoughts Looking Towards Maryland
Scott Rhymer

What a strange week this has been. The week started with hourly updates on the health of Tajh Boyd after he was carted off the Death Valley turf last Saturday vs. Boston College.

Just about the time that drama began to fade away when it appeared Boyd would be ok, Steve Spurrier decides to stick his foot straight into his mouth at a Press Conference that can best be described as something you would see when TV anchors don’t know they are live on camera and go on a rant.

To add icing on that already double-decker cake was the dismissal of South Carolina QB Stephen Garcia. That soap opera is the gift that keeps on giving as I’m sure we have not heard the end of any of that.

All the while, the week has breezed by in eerily quiet tones for Clemson. The 6-0 Tigers are headed to College Park, Maryland to play a Terrapin team that has yet to find its identity under new coach Randy Edsall.

Clemson’s last trip to College Park was …

Comparing 6-0 Starts To A Season

Comparing 6-0 Starts To A Season
Scott Rhymer

The last time Clemson sat at 6-0 on a football season, Tommy Bowden was in year two and Rich Rodriquez was calling the plays during the 2000 season. Amazingly, that was 11 years ago and I feel old just thinking about that! To find another 6-0 start, you have to go back to 1987 and Danny Ford with Rodney Williams were cruising to a 6-0 start (24 years ago). And the only other time in the modern history Clemson started 6-0 was in 1981 with Homer Jordan and Perry Tuttle leading Clemson to an eventual National Championship (30 years ago).

So the most logical question is: How does the 2011 year compare to 2000, 1987, and 1981 at this point in the season?

Through the first six games in 2000, Clemson defeated The Citadel, Missouri, Wake Forest, Virginia, Duke, and NC State. Only one of those six teams would finish with a winning record for the 2000 season (NCSU at 8-4). The combined record of those first six opponents in 2000 at the end of the year …

Inside The Numbers Of A 6-0 Start

Inside The Numbers Of A 6-0 Start
By Scott Rhymer

Last Saturday marked the official half way point of the 2011 regular season, and very few of us could have imagined that we would be sitting at 6-0 at this point in the season. That smile you see on folks wearing orange to work this week is a smile of satisfaction to see our team play a fun brand of winning football.

The preseason perception was that the new offense would have growing pains where good days were to be mixed with some bad days. On defense, Clemson lost 5 players to the NFL and most thought Kevin Steele's unit would take a pretty big step back in 2011. That perception was due partly to the loss of personnel, and partly due to the fact that Clemson’s defense would be on the field more as the offense ran more plays in 2011 as compared to 2010.

So we mark the halfway point by looking inside the national numbers to see where Clemson stands. Keep in mind that the front half of the schedule was top-heavy and one would hope tha…

Sunday Morning Thoughts And Updates

Sunday Morning Thoughts And Updates
Scott Rhymer

Clemson is 6-0, and that is enough reason to wake up on Sunday morning and be pleased. Until Tajh Boyd went down in the 3rd QTR, the game was a satisfying and workmanlike trudge through a scrappy BC team.

The air was vacuumed out of Death Valley when Boyd went down, casting a huge shadow on the win. No offense to Cole Stoudt, but Tajh is an irreplaceable part of the offense. X-rays and MRI were negative, and the injury is being listed this morning as a bruised hip and Boyd is questionable for next week’s game at Maryland. This will be something to watch closely all week.

Kudos for the crowd and the Clemson defense after the Boyd injury. After sitting in silence for a few minutes in shock of the Boyd injury, the Clemson crowd ramped up the noise and the defense made some plays to put the game out of reach. Once again, the Clemson crowd was outstanding and Death Valley is returning to a place where teams simply can’t win a football game in.

Friday Notes Looking Towards Boston College

Friday Notes Looking Towards Boston College
Scott Rhymer

As a reminder, I will be on with Mickey Plyler Friday morning at 6:20 on WCCP 104.9 FM in Clemson and on the web.

Don’t forget to submit your Bottom Line Segment questions on Saturday. Will and Roy are going to go head to head on your questions to cut through the hype and get to the bottom line. You can submit those questions at Twitter or on Facebook.

This is Homecoming Week, which is always a lot of fun. I don’t think some people realize how unique Clemson is with the Homecoming festivities. The floats on Bowman Field and Tigerrama are things that are not done at other schools, and yet we take it for granted sometimes. Make sure you take the time on Saturday to go by Bowman Field and look at the great work the Clemson students did this week.

Coach Swinney stopped by the floats on Thursday night, and a good video was recorded and posted below. As you watch this video, think about whether or not our riva…

Tuesday's Press Conference Thoughts

Tuesday’s Press Conference Thoughts Looking Towards BC
Scott Rhymer

We are quickly moving through the week, heading towards the big Atlantic Division game with a team we have not scored an offensive touchdown on in three years.

This Saturday on the Tiger Pregame Show, we will be joined by Dabo Swinney, Kevin Steele, Chad Morris, Tajh Boyd, Duane Allen, and Andre Branch. For the first time this year, Jaron Brown will also join us. And Stephon Anthony will make his Tiger Pregame Show debut this Saturday as well. See below for show times.

Taking a look inside the Tuesday Press Conference, I think it is clear that this team remains focused and is ready to prove this 5-0 start by playing well against Boston College. There is an equal amount of respect for BC as there is confidence by the players in their team and coaches. I will be stunned if Clemson has any type of letdown on Saturday, which is a bold statement considering the three teams we just finished playing and a bad Boston College team…

"Clemson...Here We Come"

“Clemson…Here We Come”
By Scott Rhymer

Click back through this blog for the seven months that it has been up and running and you will see that I have taken a very cautious approach to just about everything that has come down the pipe when talking Clemson football.

I was hesitant to suggest that this top 10 recruiting class would make a huge impact in year one.

I was hesitant at whether or not Chad Morris could replicate Gus Malzahn by transforming what was a pitiful offense into something that could win a championship.

I was hesitant at what I had seen of Tajh Boyd, both in 2010 and in the Spring.

I was hesitant to think that this schedule was something that a young team could come through unscathed through 5 games.

So there is no need for you to state that I am an orange Kool Aid drinker that has become drunk on the success of the first month of the season. It was going to take a lot to turn me into someone that would be absolutely ecstatic about the 2011 version of Clemson football. I have…

Best Start In Clemson Football History?

Best Start In Clemson Football History?
By Scott Rhymer

This week, there will be talk of National Championship games and undefeated seasons. This week, there will be talk of pulling off another 1981 exactly thirty years after the greatest season in Clemson football history. This week, little to no thought will be given to Boston College or Maryland or UNC.

Now, before you think I am a preachin’ today in the blog, read on before you make that judgment.

Clemson fans have craved, sometimes impatiently, for our Tigers to earn something on the field that is worthy of the excellent history of our football program. As I have said in this blog all summer long, winning an ACC Championship is the singular goal that this team needs to accomplish. To be blunt, we seem ahead of schedule in that pursuit after this 5-0 start.

What will get lost in that pursuit of the ACC Title are eyes shifting towards a potentially bigger prize. You don’t get into the top 10 in the nation at nearly the halfway point of …

Sunday After Virginia Tech Notes

Tiger Pregame Show: Sunday After Virginia Tech Notes
Scott Rhymer

I have yet to be able to clearly collect all of my thoughts on the win last night in Blacksburg, so I will check back later when I can articulate myself a little better.

Simply put, the win last night was one of the proudest moments I have had as a Clemson fan while a member of the Tiger Pregame Show. To go into Blacksburg with those weather conditions and walk out with a win is an incredible testament to the coaching staff and players.

You won’t need me or the blog to hype what that win Saturday night now means for this team and this year. That hype is coming, for sure. And it is earned hype, so our players and coaches deserve the accolades they will receive. That being said, great seasons are made not by one or two or even three weeks. A great season is just that…a season. And there is still a long way to go.

Below is an update of our weekly picks from the Tiger Pregame Show.

Will's ACC Lock Of The Week was Georgia Tech…