National Champions

National Champions

Friday, February 10, 2012

February 10th Clemson Historic Picture Of The Day

Death Valley Circa 1976

Today’s photo is taken in the Southeast corner of Memorial Stadium prior to a game in 1976. As you can see from the balloons, the theme of the 1976 football season was “Paws and Stripes In ‘76”.

Notice in the picture the North Stands, and specifically the lack of the North Upper Deck. At the top of the North Stands, a chain link fence was there to protect fans from falling over. You can also notice the chain link fence that lined the east endzone behind the hill, offering a “free” view for those that did not have a ticket.

The North Upper Deck was still 7 years from being constructed when this picture was taken, and as you can see, many banners lined the top of the North Stands in the background.

Clemson would only win three games in 1976, but one of the three was against South Carolina on November 20th, 1976. The Tigers won the game 28-9.

Some notable Tigers on the 1976 team were Steve Fuller, Mike O’Cain, Jerry Butler, and Dwight Clark. This was the final year for Head Coach Red Parker. Those players were young in 1976, but would play a critical role in the great teams of 1977 and 1978.

Some notable moments that took place during the football season in 1976 were:

  • The Irish rock band U2 is formed after drummer Larry Mullen Jr. posts a note seeking members for a band on the notice board of his Dublin school.

  • Ford Auto officially launches the production of the Fiesta car.

  • The Cincinnati Reds swept the New York Yankees to win the 1976 World Series.

  • Jimmy Carter defeated Gerald Ford to become President of the United States.