National Champions

National Champions

Sunday, February 12, 2012

February 12th Clemson Historic Picture Of The Day

1978 Clemson vs. USC

(Photo Uploaded By Alan Cutts)

In this picture, Clemson QB Steve Fuller is pulled down by a pair of South Carolina Gamecocks during the 41-23 Clemson win in Death Valley.

Clemson went 11-1, 6-0 in the ACC and won the ACC Championship with a Gator Bowl win over Ohio State. The 1978 team was one of the best in Clemson football history and had a bevy of great players on the roster. Steve Fuller, Obed Ariri, Cliff Austin, Billy Lott, Jerry Butler, Perry Tuttle, Dwight Clark, Marvin Sims, Lester Brown, Jeff Davis, Joe Bostic, Jim Stuckey, and Jeff Bryant were all on the 1978 team.

I have always thought that this uniform was the best looking for the South Carolina Gamecocks in their program’s history. I love the white helmets with the Block C and the Gamecock. As you can notice, our uniforms in 2011 were patterned after the 1978 Clemson uniforms with the white pants and two orange stripes down the side.

Also notice the orange “tarp” that served as a fence along the hill area. I can’t remember the exact year that the fence was built (sometime in the late 1980’s), but that old tarp fence was a staple along the hill for many years. Although you can’t see it in this picture, CLEMSON was spelled out in white along the tarp, more so in the middle of the field under the goal posts.

In this scoreboard picture from the game in 1978, you can see an old relic no longer with us on the scoreboard. The Tiger and his tail was a fixture on the scoreboard well into the 1980’s. When Clemson would score, the Tiger’s eyes would light up and the tail would wag.

Events that took place during the football season in 1978:

The Camp David Accords were signed in September between Israel and Egypt.

In early October, Vietnam invades Cambodia.

The New York Yankees defeated the Boston Red Sox 5–4 at Fenway Park to clinch the AL East after being 14 games out of first place only two months earlier. The Yankees would eventually go on to defeat the Kansas City Royals and Los Angeles Dodgers and win the 1978 World Series.

In November, the Jonestown incident too place: In Guyana, Jim Jones leads his Peoples Temple cult in a mass murder-suicide that claims 918 lives in all, 909 of them at Jonestown itself, including over 270 children. Congressman Leo J. Ryan is assassinated by members of Peoples Temple shortly beforehand.

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