National Champions

National Champions

Monday, February 13, 2012

February 13th Clemson Historic Picture Of The Day

Aerial View Of Clemson Late ‘60s or Early ‘70s
(Photo Uploaded By Alan Cutts)

Today’s picture is from high above Clemson facing Northwest towards Lake Hartwell. I do not know the exact date of this picture, so maybe some of you can assist in narrowing it down.

You can see in the picture that Littlejohn Coliseum has been built or is in the process of being built. Because there is little to no landscaping around Littlejohn, I am going to take a guess that this picture was taken sometime after 1967 (Littlejohn was finished in 1968).

You can also see that both of the upper decks are missing from Memorial Stadium. The South Upper Deck was finished in 1978, so that helps narrow the window of possibility between 1968 and 1978.

Although it is difficult to tell, it does not look like Tiger Field (Doug Kingsmore Stadium) has been built in this picture. Since Tiger Field was built in 1970, that helps us narrow down the picture to the years 1967-1970.

The three high rise dorms are visible in the right side of the picture. Byrnes Hall (finished in 1970), Lever Hall (finished in 1968) and Manning Hall (finished in 1967) are all standing. That confirms that it was sometime after 1967 that this picture was taken.

If you look at the top right hand corner of the picture at the Highway 76 bridge (and train trestle), it appears that the ground is being cleared for what will be the Holiday Inn lakeside. James R. Ensley ran the Holiday Inn from 1973 until 2003 and the building itself would go out of commission in 2006.

The Holiday Inn was completed in September 1969, so that may help narrow down the time of this picture to 1967 or 1968.
Therefore, the 1967-1970 window is the closest I can narrow it down based on the clues in the picture.

If you can determine other landmarks that help close in on the date of the picture, it would be greatly appreciated.

One final thought on this picture. Assuming the time frame above, this picture shows how quickly the small Clemson campus is beginning to sprawl out. I have often wondered if Clemson will extend the campus across Lake Hartwell.

Even though the Army Corps and the Forestry Commission control most of the land across the lake, it still seems natural that Clemson University will continue to expand its footprint. I guess time will tell that tale.

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