National Champions

National Champions

Thursday, February 9, 2012

February 9th Clemson Historic Picture Of The Day

Ray Matthews

(Photo Uploaded By Alan Cutts)

Ray Mathews was a football and baseball player at Clemson from 1947-1950 . Matthews was a starting wing back on the 1948 team that went 11-0 with a win in the Gator Bowl. He was also a starter on the perfect season team in 1950.

In 1948 he led the team in scoring and had the most yards per reception as a sophomore with 27.1. He had a great amount of versatility on the field as he had 3128 all-purpose yards, which includes rushing, receiving, kick returns, and punt returns. He also added 907 yards passing in his career. He also recorded 131 interception return yards on 10 interceptions for his career. He scored 168 points and had 28 touchdowns in his career.

Matthews also excelled on the baseball field. In 1951 he led the team in hits with 33, homeruns with 5, batting average with a .375, slugging percentage at .591, and total bases with 52. He had 10 RBI's in a game against Furman in 1950 as well as three home runs.

Matthews went on to play in the NFL for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He had 230 career receptions with the Steelers. He led the Steelers in scoring in 1954 and 1955 and also led them in rushing yards in 1952.

Frank Howard, in his book Howard: The Clemson Legend, spoke of Matthews.

"Ray Matthews was one of my Pennsylvania boys. I got him for the price of a postage stamp. I wrote him a letter and he came down here."

"First time I ever saw him was when he came up to the house and introduced himself. I asked him if he was any good. He said, "Coach, that's for you to find out."

"Well, he was a damn good one. After he finished at Clemson he played pro football for six or seven years with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Matthews was a wingback and a tailback. When the tailback wasn't running very good, I'd switch Matthews over to that spot and he'd run like a rabbit."

"There was only one trouble with those boys from Pennsylvania. It took two years to get a helmet on them. It took that long to get the miner's lamp off their head."

Credit to

Howard: The Clemson Legend