National Champions

National Champions

Friday, March 16, 2012

March 16th Clemson Historic Picture Of The Day

Clemson’s Campus In 1948

(Photo Uploaded By Alan Cutts)

This aerial photo was taken on or before 1948. Notice the buildings that are in front of Fike Field House. Those were temporary barracks put up during WWII and were quickly taken down soon after this photo was taken. That is how I can date the picture to right around 1948.

In the top right of the picture, you can see Wannamaker and Donaldson Hall. The light poles you see just to the right are the lights of the field where Clemson played football prior to Memorial Stadium’s construction.

Where Klugh Avenue curves next to Wannamaker Hall is where the Sloan Tennis Center indoor building now sits. In the picture from 1948, this is where the first base foul poll is located.

The baseball field in the 1948 photo is where the tennis courts from the Sloan Tennis Center now sit.

Where the temporary barracks sit in the 1948 picture is now Lot 1 at the corner of Heisman Street and Williamson Road.

I believe the house in the 1948 picture across Old Greenville Highway down the 3rd base line of the baseball field is the same house that is occupied today by Mellow Mushroom.

Notice that there is very little on the other side of Old Greenville Highway in the picture from 1948. Today, Outdoor Adventures, Friars Tavern, The Parking Spot, and the Esso Club and condos line that side of the highway.

In the top left hand corner of the 1948 picture, you can see the back part of what is now Lot 2. The tree line that separates Lot 2 and Lot 2A is visible in the 1948 picture.

Two summers ago, a tornado came through Clemson and knocked over most of that tree line. While that might not be good for nature and the aesthetics of the campus, the folks that own condos across Old Greenville Highway like it because they now have a clear view of Death Valley!

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