National Champions

National Champions

Thursday, March 22, 2012

March 22nd Clemson Historic Picture Of The Day

Asia’s Connection To Clemson

(Photo Uploaded By Alan Cutts)

Today’s photo is a poster on a building somewhere in Asia that someone took a picture of and sent to Clemson. The photo eventually ended up in a media guide for Clemson many years ago.

The wall poster is based on a picture that was taken during the 1987 Clemson win over Georgia. The QB for Georgia is James Jackson, and I believe that the defensive player for Clemson is tackle Richard McCullough.

Many people that first see this picture think it is based on the safety that Clemson had late in the game against UGA in 1987 that set up the chance for David Treadwell to kick the game winning field goal.

However, James Lott wore #9 and was a defensive back. The player in this picture is obviously a lineman.

The other mistake that many make when seeing this picture is believing it is an advertisement for the Clemson football game against Wake Forest in the Mirage Bowl in Japan.

Clemson played Wake Forest in 1982, so that would rule out that possibility. However, Clemson played Duke in Japan in 1991. Therefore, it could be possible that this was a picture that previewed that 1991 game in Japan.

Someone posted a while back that the translation of the language had nothing to do with Clemson at all, instead an advertisement for sports photography and color film. Although I don't have the skills to translate the text, I believe this to be the actual meaning of the poster and not a preview of Clemson football.

It goes to show you, very clearly, that you never know when you are going to run into a Clemson connection. I can’t imagine being in Southeast Asia, walking down the street, and coming upon this poster of a Clemson football player!

To watch a youtube video of the 1987 Clemson/Georgia game, click here:

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