National Champions

National Champions

Thursday, March 29, 2012

March 29th Clemson Historic Picture Of The Day

Frank Howard Prowling The Sideline In 1955

(Photo Uploaded By Alan Cutts)

Today’s photo is of head coach Frank Howard roaming the sideline during the 1955 season. This photo is a bit iconic in that I think most Clemson fans envision Coach Howard in very much the image of this picture.

Seeing Coach Howard in this pose reminds me of the massive figurative shadow he cast over the football program at Clemson, not only while he was on the sideline, but even later after his retirement from coaching.

If you are looking for a little conspiracy in the picture, take a look at the gentleman that is sitting on the front row above #85 of the Tigers.

If you think that "fan" looks a bit like Joe Paterno, you are not the alone!

In 1955, Paterno was an assistant coach at Penn State, but I can’t find any reason based on the two teams schedules that would make me think Paterno was in Clemson scouting an opponent. But it certainly is a close enough resemblence to do a double take.

Charlie Bussey was the Clemson quarterback on the 1955 team, and he was teamed up with Joel Wells and Billy O’Dell in the backfield to give Clemson three dynamic weapons on the ground.

Clemson would finish the 1955 season 7-3 overall and 3-1 in the ACC. This was good enough for 3rd in the ACC. Clemson was in the process of moving away from a Military college to a non-military college

From a national perspective, the fall of 1955 had some very big moments in television and movie industry while the Tigers were on the football field.

On September 10, 1955, the long-running program Gunsmoke debuts on the CBS-TV network.

On the evening of September 30, actor James Dean was killed when his automobile collides with another car at a highway junction near Cholame, California. Dean is just 24 years old at his death.

On October 2 , Alfred Hitchcock Presents TV program debuts on the NBC-TV network in the United States.

And on October 3, The Mickey Mouse Club TV program debuts on the ABC-TV network in the United States.

(Note: If you have old pictures dating before 1990 that are Clemson related and you would like to share them, send them to me in an email with as much information about the picture as you can give and I will use it for a future “Clemson Historic Picture Of The Day”).

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