National Champions

National Champions

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March 7th Clemson Historic Picture Of The Day

1952 Memorial Stadium

(Photo Uploaded By Alan Cutts)

Today’s picture is from 1952 from field level facing the South Stands. You can quickly see the difference in the South Stands before the additions in 1958 that added seats above where the portals now sit in the South and North Stands.

The South Stands in 1952 look like today’s version of a 4A High School stands.

This picture also gives a great view of the old press box at Memorial Stadium. As you can tell, there is not much room for anyone up there, and certainly not enough for the massive amount of media that cover the games today.

When the stadium was expanded in 1958 above the portals in both lower decks, 18,000 seats were added to Memorial Stadium’s capacity. The “new” press box that was built in the South Stands in 1958 after the expansion was not much larger than the one in this picture.

I like this view of Memorial Stadium because you can see the trees around Cemetery Hill, which are now blocked out by the South Upper Deck. People that see Death Valley only on TV get no appreciation of the beautiful surroundings right outside the stadium.

The military band in the picture is making its way through pregame warm ups. You can also see the cadets holding up cards in the design of the American flag. When this picture was taken, Clemson had only three more years of being a military college.

In 1958, Clemson became a co-educational civilian institution.

While I am certain of the year this picture was taken, I do not know the specific game. I believe this is the season opener of 1952 vs. Presbyterian College on September 20, 1952. The Tigers would win the game 53-13, but Clemson would finish the year a disappointing 2-6-1.

The 1952 team had some great Tiger players on the roster. Frank Gentry, Don King, Jimmy Wells, and Charlie Wright all lettered on the 1952 team.

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