National Champions

National Champions

Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7th Clemson Historic Picture Of The Day

Bowman Field And ROTC Inspection From 1967

(Photos Uploaded By Alan Cutts)

Today’s photo is of the ROTC cadets being inspected on Bowman Field. This picture is unique because the Thursday inspections did not typically include a jeep! I believe the date of this picture is 1967.

This is possibly one of the Federal Inspections that took place periodically of ROTC programs during this era.

You can see Dan’s Sandwich Shop in the background of the picture, with the famous football schedule on the outside façade.

Here is the photo from 1967 of Bowman Field right above a picture taken this past week from almost the same location.

Clemson Air Force ROTC, or aerospace studies, has a rich history dating back to World War I. With the National Security Act of 1947 establishing the Department of the Air Force, Clemson’s Air Force ROTC Detachment was created. Year after year, Detachment 770 is named one of the nation’s top medium-size detachments. Detachment 770 gives men and women the opportunity to become Air Force officers while completing their degrees.

Clemson’s Army ROTC, or military science, was established as an integral part of Clemson's academic curriculum beginning in 1893 with the institution's first full-time academic year of operation. The program provides unique leadership training and management experience and helps students develop the qualities necessary for success in either a military or civilian career. Students earn a college degree and an Army officer's commission at the same time.

(Note: If you have old pictures dating before 1990 that are Clemson related and you would like to share them, send them to me in an email with as much information about the picture as you can give and I will use it for a future “Clemson Historic Picture Of The Day”).

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