National Champions

National Champions

Thursday, November 1, 2012

November 1st Clemson Historic Picture Of The Day

Frank Howard Reviews Film In 1940

(Photo Uploaded By Alan Cutts)

The innocence of this picture from 1940 rings very profound to me. Pearl Harbor and D-Day have yet to happen. The horrors of WWII are yet to be realized in Clemson, SC. And that innocence is evident in this picture.

In this picture from 1940, Frank Howard is reviewing film with Booty Payne, Carroll Hambright and Hank Craig.

Booty Payne played in the 1939 Shrine Bowl, was a kicker at Clemson, and was a WWII veteran that became a POW in Germany.

Carroll Hambright was a freshman coach at Clemson in 1942 and was a Principal at Carolina High School and was a high school coach football coach.

The 1940 team was led by Joe Blalock, Dan Coleman, Ace Parker, Charlie Timmons, and Charlie Wright.

The 1940 team went 6-2-1 and 4-0 in the Southern Conference which was good for 1st place. Those games and that championship would soon be overshadowed within the next two years as WWII would take over the United States.

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