National Champions

National Champions

Thursday, December 13, 2012

December 13th Clemson Historic Picture Of The Day

Horace Grant

(Photo Uploaded By Alan Cutts)

Today’s photo is of Horace Grant during the 1987 season in a game against Wake Forest.

Coming out of high school in tiny Sparta, GA in 1983 was a slender forward named Horace Grant, aptly nicknamed "Slim" thanks to his 6-9, 187-pound frame. It was easy for many-a-college coach to overlook Grant, as he was recruited by just two schools...Clemson and Georgia Southern.

But Tiger Coach Bill Foster saw a diamond in the rough. Foster didn't tell anyone about Grant, or his identical twin brother, Harvey, for the fear of other schools discovering him. "Horace was one of the last sleepers," recalls Foster. "We got him not to tell anyone about Clemson."

In 1999 Horace Grant was inducted into the Clemson Hall of Fame.

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