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National Champions

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

38 Days! Dark Territory Clemson Letterman Photo Of The Day-Bill McGuirt

38 Days Until Kickoff!
Dark Territory Clemson Letterman Photo Of The Day
Bill McGuirt

Today’s photo is of Bill McGuirt who lettered at fullback for Clemson in 1960 and 1961.
Coach Frank Howard wrote this about Bill McGuirt in his book:

I used to have a fullback named Bill McGuirt. He played in 1960 and '61. When he'd get a letter from his girlfriend late in the week before a game, he'd just run like the devil and tear things up. He was really good.

The athletes got their mail through the athletic department. Back in those days I carried the mail around to each of them.

This one week we were getting ready to play N.C. State in an important game. I had a pretty little secretary named Betty. I told her, "If Bill doesn't get a letter from his girl by Friday morning, you're going to have to write one for me."
Well, he didn't get a letter. So Betty wrote him.

The letter read: "Dear Bill. You're the best looking chunk of manhood I ever saw in my entire life. And I would sure like to have a date with you. People say I'm cute and well stacked. Please meet me under the goal posts after the game."
Bill went out that day and ran for over 175 yards. He played a great game.
After the game I went and talked to the press. The stands were cleared by the time I was on my way back to the dressing room. But there was Bill standing under the goal posts.

I said, "Son, congratulations on a fine game. I want you to play a game just like that next week. Now I want you to come on up and take a good hot shower because I don't want you to catch cold standing around out here. I want to get
another good game from you next Saturday."

He said he couldn't go in right then because he was "waiting on something."

I knew what he was waiting on, but I just said, "Son, you're going to be waiting here a long time and I don't think she's going to show up. So let's just go on in."

I finally talked him into leaving.

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