National Champions

National Champions

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February 26th Clemson Historic Picture Of The Day

Battalion Drill 1894

(Photos Uploaded By Alan Cutts)

Today’s photo was taken days before the great Tillman Hall fire in May of 1894.

In fact, I believe this picture was taken just 2 days before the fire broke out and destroyed much of Tillman. For information on the Tillman Hall Fire, see blog entry from yesterday:

The above photo is the oldest believed to exist of Clemson and shows the entire Student Body on parade with Tillman in the background.

After the fire, reconstruction of what we now call Tillman Hall was quickly planned as the original architects, Brooks and Morgan of Atlanta, were retained at a fee of five percent to plan and supervise the work. Total cost for rebuilding was $22,993.00.

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