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National Champions

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February 4th Clemson Historic Picture Of The Day

Tillman Hall Entrance Through The Years

(Photos Uploaded By Alan Cutts)

Today’s photos span 90 years and show the entrance to Tillman Hall through the years.

Tillman Hall seems to be a very popular place to take a picture since the beginning of Clemson College. The above photo is from the 1920’s showing the outside of Tillman Hall’s entrance. Below that is a picture I took last Spring from almost the same spot.

Notice the stone work has not changed from the 1920’s compared to today. The only major differences in the two pictures are the handrails coming down the steps (in the recent picture), and the trees that have been removed and replaced with bushes.

Many times throughout the years, photographers take pictures inside the doorway of Tillman Hall, with the arches in the photo and looking out of Tillman. Here is a picture from the 1940’s facing out of Tillman (notice there is no Thomas Green Clemson statue).

You can see that some type of greenery is encased around the arch in the picture. This may be kudzoo. You can also see a large tree almost in the center of the picture. This tree is not present in the photo from the 1970’s a little further down in this blog.

The Thomas Green Clemson statue was originally set to be unveiled in November of 1940 but they could not agree on where to place it. The original site was in front if the Library (now Sikes). A committee of faculty with a sub-committee of appointed architects met with a committee of students to decide the location. Here is a photo from the same angle taken in the late 1970s, which now includes the Thomas Clemson statue.

The tree in the 1940’s picture is now gone, but there is a tree growing in the center of the circle in the 1970’s picture. This tree blocks the view of Thomas Green Clemson’s statue.

Today the circle in front of Tillman is called Gantt Circle and has undergone a major renovation. The student government and the Air Force ROTC were co-sponsors for the renovation of Gantt Circle to improve its appearance. Here is a picture looking out from Tillman Hall taken in the Spring of 2013.

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