National Champions

National Champions

Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 5 Trending-The Road To Charlotte

A weekly installment on The Tiger Pregame Show Blog this year will be a segment called "ACC Trending...The Road To Charlotte".

Each week every team in the ACC Atlantic and Coastal will be given a vote for trending to begin painting the picture of who will go to Charlotte in December.

Week 5 Installment:

If December Were Today, The Road To Charlotte Would Include...

Clemson vs. North Carolina

After Week 4, Miami stumbled, even though their loss to Cincy is not a conference loss.  Georgia Tech is all but eliminated from the Coastal conversation. Duke continues to stick their nose in the proceedings.  But it is North Carolina, looking ugly in the season opening loss to South Carolina, that is trending up this week in the Coastal.

Clemson cleared a national hurdle with the win over Notre Dame and now must navigate by a desperate Georgia Tech team.  

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