National Champions

National Champions

Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 6 ACC Trending: The Road To Charlotte

A weekly installment on The Tiger Pregame Show Blog this year will be a segment called "ACC Trending...The Road To Charlotte".

Each week every team in the ACC Atlantic and Coastal will be given a vote for trending to begin painting the picture of who will go to Charlotte in December.

Week 6 Installment:

If December Were Today, The Road To Charlotte Would Include...

Clemson vs. North Carolina

North Carolina did not play in Week 6 and Duke earned a convincing win over Army.  But I still think North Carolina passes the eye test when compared to Duke. 

Both Clemson and Florida State jumped major in-conference hurdles at home this past weekend.  All seems to point to a collision course between two top 10 teams in November with the ACC Championship Game, and the Playoffs, hanging in the balance.

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"The Road To Charlotte Begins With The Tiger Pregame Show"