National Champions

National Champions

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Tiger Pregame Show Broadcast Information For Orange Bowl!

The Tiger Pregame Show, a game day tradition for Clemson football fans on Saturdays since 2003, will broadcast its 169th  consecutive show this Thursday as Clemson travels to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to play the Oklahoma Sooners in the National Semifinals at The Orange Bowl!

Broadcast Time will be from 10:00-1:00 on Thursday.  Video updates will be posted, starting Tuesday, on The Tiger Pregame Show Facebook page.

David Hood, Senior Writer for Tigernet, will join Tiger Pregame Show founder Scott Rhymer on WCCP’s popular Tiger Pregame Show as it enters its 13th year on the air at WCCP 105.5 FM.  

If you are remaining in the upstate and not travelling to Florida, you can listen on WCCP 105.5 FM.

If you are in Florida  for the game, or if you are outside of the WCCP listening range, you can listen at for free or you can stream the show via the Tune In App for free on your cell phone by choosing 105.5 The Roar on the App.  

We will broadcast the show poolside from the official Media Hotel of the Orange Bowl, the Renaissance Fort Lauderdale Cruise Port Hotel.   

The buzz of this season is culminating, and we will kick off our game day for the college football playoffs on Thursday with the Tiger Pregame Show.

“This has been an unbelievable season and the excitement about the playoffs has Clemson Nation at a fever pitch", Scott Rhymer stated recently.  "It will be hard for Tiger fans to sleep on Wednesday evening and we can't wait to go onto the air Thursday morning to set the table for this incredible day."

"We will set the stage for Clemson fans for this big game and we will let you hear from the coaches and the players to set the tone for the big game".

Rhymer also reminds fans that they can tune into the Tiger Pregame Show in many different formats.

“When in Florida, our fans can stream the show via their smart phones, making the show as portable as the listener wants to be on game day."

“But that is not the only reason we embrace the technology.  In addition to streaming the show, we also want to engage fans during the show to allow them to give their opinions and insight into the show that we can use while broadcasting.  That’s the really exciting part of embracing the technology as it allows fans to do more than just listen.  It allows them to engage.”

The Tiger Pregame Show format will air from 10:00-1:00 this Thursday and we will continue to offer in-depth analysis of the upcoming game, focusing on X’s and O’s of what fans should expect to see on the field during the game.

Segments for the show include up-to-the-minute game day weather conditions, Top 25 Report, ACC and SEC Game Breakdowns, Injury Reports for both Clemson and their opponent, and a historical look back at this day in Clemson football history.

Don Munson, the  Voice of the Tigers, will join the show live each week to give his unique perspective inside the football program. 

And, just like in the previous 12 years, the show will close the final hour with the Keys to the Game and game day predictions, this week with Tigernet's David Hood.

You can keep up with all information related to the Tiger Pregame Show by liking the page on Facebook and following via Twitter.

You can also stay tuned to The Tiger Pregame Show Blog, WCCP 105.5 FM, and at for updates on the show.

This season is set up to be don't miss a minute of the season and start your game day experience with The Tiger Pregame Show. 

The College Football Playoffs Begin With The Tiger Pregame Show!

Go Tigers!

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