National Champions

National Champions

Friday, February 5, 2016

February 5th Clemson Historic Picture Of The Day

1980’s Campus Life

(Photos Uploaded By Alan Cutts)

Today’s photos are from the 1980’s and show a variety of activities that took place on campus during that era. Graduates of Clemson in the mid 1980’s are entering their late 40’s and early 50’s in age today.

The above photo shows a nasty Clemson defense getting a sack in the 1983 game against Western Carolina. That's Jim Scott (67), William Perry (66) and Edgar Pickett (42) making the play. Notice the Pony shoes…a trademark of Clemson football teams in that era.

The next photo shows the sideline during a game and several media members and their equipment. Look how bulky that equipment was during that era!

On campus, computers were just starting to come into the mainstream. The battle in personal computing was dominated by Apple and IBM, but most students’ first experience with a PC was with the VIC-20, Commodore 64, TRS-80, and the Sinclair ZX-81. Below are some students at a table during orientation.

It was also during the early1980’s that the soccer team moved from their former playing location (what is now Lot 2 behind the North Stands) to Riggs Field. Below is a picture of a game in the mid 1980’s before any permanent stands were built at Riggs Field. Notice the fledgling network ESPN was covering this game, probably broadcasting the game on a tape delay and airing it in the middle of the night!

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