National Champions

National Champions

Friday, May 6, 2016

May 6th Clemson Historic Picture Of The Day

Martin’s Drug Store In 1950’s

(Photos Uploaded By Alan Cutts)

Today’s photos are of downtown Clemson and a historic building that was as much a part of Clemson as Tillman Hall for many years.

Martin’s Drug Store was the central hub for Clemson Cadets for many years. The above picture is what Martin’s looked like the 1950’s. The current location in downtown Clemson, which is now a part of Tiger Town Tavern.

These next pictures were taken sometime around 1950 and show the inside of Martin’s Drug Store.

Sometimes called Doc Martin's or Martin's Library, the place was very popular with the cadets to pick up anything that had to do with the outside world and non-military.

The building next to Martin's Drug Store is shown below and was built in 1928 by the Clemson Masons. It also was home to the first bank in Clemson.

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