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National Champions

Thursday, June 9, 2016

86 Days Until Kickoff! Dark Territory Clemson Letterman Of The Day

86 Days Until Kickoff!
Dark Territory Clemson Letterman Photo Of The Day
Bubba Brown
Today’s photo is of Bubba Brown, who lettered at Clemson from 1976-1979
Marlon "Bubba" Brown is the all-time leading tackler in Clemson history. When you review the legendary list of linebackers who have played for Clemson, that is quite a statement. This year he is finally getting his due with his inclusion on this list, and next week when he is inducted into the Clemson Hall of Fame.

It has taken a while for Brown to get his due simply because of the great teammates Brown had in his era (1976-79). Of the four players now in the Clemson Ring of Honor, three played on Clemson's 1978 team. But, a look at the statistics tells us that Brown was the team's top tackler, a ferocious hitter and enthusiastic player.

Two games stand out in his career. In 1978 Clemson traveled to Raleigh for an ACC showdown with NC State. NC State was promoting their Brown, running back Ted, for the Heisman Trophy. He had riddled Clemson for four touchdowns and 227 yards rushing three seasons earlier.

Although the national media did not portray the game as a "Battle of the Browns" (Clemson also had running back Lester Brown), Bubba took the confrontation as a personal challenge. By the end of the game, Bubba had 17 tackles and had held Ted Brown under 100 yards rushing, and out of the endzone. When Sports Illustrated was released the next week, it was Bubba who caught the national headlines with his selection as National Defensive Player of the Week.

Clemson finished the 1978 season with a 10-1 record and was chosen to play Ohio State in the Gator Bowl on national television. Clemson won the historic game ,17-15. Again, the pregame headlines were all about Danny Ford's first game as head coach and his meeting with future Hall of Fame mentor Woody Hayes. Brown personally stymied the Ohio State rushing game with 22 tackles, still the second highest single game total in Clemson history.

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