National Champions

National Champions

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

46 Days Until Kickoff! Dark Territory Clemson Letterman Of The Day

46 Days Until Kickoff!

Dark Territory Clemson Letterman Photo Of The Day

Don Testerman

Today’s photo is of Don Testerman, who lettered for Clemson at running back from 1974-1975.

Testerman’s biggest day as a Tiger was in 1974 when the Tigers travelled to Knoxville to take on Tennessee. After the Tennessee kick-off, Clemson struck from long yardage with Testerman running 68 yards over right-tackle for a touchdown giving the Tigers a 28-21 lead with 7:16 left.

Testerman would finish the day with 146 yards and 1 td in the loss to Tennessee.

Testerman played in 4 NFL seasons from 1976-1980 for the Seattle Seahawks and the Miami Dolphins. Here is a link to some info about Testerman’s time with the Seattle Seahawks.

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