National Champions

National Champions

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Tiger Pregame Show Blog Turns 5 Years Old On July 6th!

Tiger Pregame Show Blog Turns 5 Years Old! 
 By Scott Rhymer 

First, the big disclaimer. I have never made money on The Tiger Pregame Show Blog. I run the blog to help promote the Tiger Pregame Show, WCCP programming, Clemson University, and Clemson University Athletics….not to make money. 

Most importantly, I run the blog daily because of my love for Clemson and my hope those that read the blog learn more about our great University, Athletic Programs and Clemson History. I also hope that promotion will play some small part in current affairs in our quest to win a 2nd National Championship in Football, a Final 4 in Basketball, and a College World Series in Baseball. 

The Tiger Pregame Show Blog was created in the summer of 2011 to help promote The Tiger Pregame Show on WCCP and to promote Historic Clemson Historical Pictures and Football Letterman. 

In 5 years, the blog has received over 472,000 views from 10 countries including the US, Germany, China, Portugal, France, Ukraine, Brazil, United Kingdom, Mauritius, and Poland…all at no expense to those that visit the site and read the posts. 

While the radio version of The Tiger Pregame Show has been in existence since the 2003 season, the blog itself has only been in existence for 5 years. 

The Clemson Historical Photos are posted 365 days a year, each with a short story of explanation to frame the significance of the photo. These photos provide the daily content to the blog. 

During Dark Territory (the time between the end of Clemson Baseball and the first football game of the season) the blog provides a daily Clemson Letterman of the Day with a short biography for that player. 

During football season, updates on broadcast times and locations for The Tiger Pregame Show are provided as well to keep Tiger fans informed of where they can “begin their game day experience”. 

On occasion, when the mood strikes, an editorial will appear as I feel needed based on what I see going on with Clemson Athletics. 

Updates to the blog are provided daily on The Tiger Pregame Show Facebook feed as well as intermittent updates from the @Tigerpregame Twitter feed. 

The Tiger Pregame Show on Facebook has over 4,800 people who “like” the page and the Twitter feed has over 6,100 followers. 

As The Tiger Pregame Show blog turns 5 years old this week, I ask that you help provide those that may not know of the blog a link to the below Social Media Feeds and the URL for the Blog. 

Information on this year’s Tiger Pregame Show will be released soon…as it will mark the 14th season of the show with the season opener being my 171st consecutive broadcast of the show! 

The Tiger Pregame Show on Facebook
Tigerpregame on Twitter 
Tigerpregame on Medium 

Go Tigers! 

Scott Rhymer