National Champions

National Champions

Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 7 Trending-The Road To Orlando

A weekly installment on The Tiger Pregame Show Blog this year will be a segment called "ACC Trending...The Road To Orlando".

Each week every team in the ACC Atlantic and Coastal will be given a vote for trending to begin painting the picture of who will go to Orlando in December.

Week 7 Installment:

If December Were Today, The Road To An ACC Championship Include...

Clemson vs. North Carolina

After Week 7, Clemson is still exhaling from a near death experience at home vs. NC State.  The win by Clemson broke the heart of State well as Louisville fans...who still cling to hope that Clemson will lose two ACC games.

In the Coastal, Virginia Tech's stunning loss to Syracuse has, once again, put the Coastal into turmoil.  I still like Virginia Tech, but the fact that UNC is already 4 games into ACC play and the Hokies are just 2 games in gives the early advantage to the Tar Heels.

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