National Champions

National Champions

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Week 10 Trending-The Road To Orlando

A weekly installment on The Tiger Pregame Show Blog this year will be a segment called "ACC Trending...The Road To Orlando".

Each week every team in the ACC Atlantic and Coastal will be given a vote for trending to begin painting the picture of who will go to Orlando in December.

Week 10 Installment:

If December Were Today, The Road To Orlando Includes...

Clemson vs. Virginia Tech

After Week 10, Clemson's Magic Number is now 1, and the Tigers will look to officially clinch the Atlantic this Saturday vs. Pitt.

In the Coastal, Week 10 continues to waddle back and forth between Virginia Tech and North Carolina.  The Hokies hold control and, if they win out, are the Coastal Champion.  The question is...can they win out?  And, even if they do, will North Carolina win out to step into the driver's seat if the Hokies fall?

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"The Road To Orlando Begins With The Tiger Pregame Show"