National Champions

National Champions

Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 11 Trending...The Road To Orlando!

Our final installment on The Tiger Pregame Show Blog this year that we have called "ACC Trending...The Road To Orlando".

Each week every team in the ACC Atlantic and Coastal will be given a vote for trending to begin painting the picture of who will go to Orlando in December.

Week 11 Installment:

If December Were Today, The Road To Orlando Includes...

Clemson vs. Virginia Tech

After Week 11, Clemson officially punched our ticket to Orlando with the win over Wake Forest.  

In the Coastal, Week 11 provided no closure to the Virginia Tech/North Carolina debate as both teams stepped out of conference.  The magic number is still 1 for the Hokies.  If Tech beats rival Virginia or if North Carolina loses to NC State, the Hokies will punch their ticket to Orlando.  The odds remain in the Hokies' favor.

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"The Road To Orlando Begins With The Tiger Pregame Show"