National Champions

National Champions

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May 31st Clemson Historic Picture Of The Day

Johnstone Hall Ledges And Fun 

(Photos Uploaded By Alan Cutts) 

Today’s photos are from the 1980’s and shows a variety of shots with the students using the ledges on the outside of Johnstone Hall for their amusement. 

The below photo is “the morning after”. Obviously, a few students used the ledge to have a few drinks and smokes the night before, leaving remnants of their fun from the night before. 

The next photo shows the “2 story drop” as a young lady jumps from the ledge into a tarp with students bracing her fall. I would imagine it takes a great deal of trust to jump these two stories into a group of college kids and their tarp! 

When cold temperatures would roll in, students would sometimes pour water onto the ledge, allowing the water to freeze and create an icicle paradise. 

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